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Financial Solutions

Taking control of your $ versus your $ taking control of YOU.

Take control of your money.

Services we provide

Spending Plan - Road to Recovery
Managing Your Money and Creating a Savings Plan
How To Get Out Of Debt - Credit Card, Loans, Etc.
Understanding Your Credit Report
Credit Restoration and Repair
Choosing The Right Credit Card

Our Workshops

Want to share knowledge and training with others? No problem. Ask about our group training workshops for businesses, family counseling, and churches.

# of People Price
10-50 $350 - $500
51 - 100 $500 - $750
101 - Up (Please contact for pricing.)

* Please specify if you are a church.


I am Vickie Nelson, Certified Credit
Counselor and owner of Financial
Solutions. I am passionate about helping you in
your journey to financial freedom that is also
supported by biblical principles! With over 20
years of experience, I am qualified to assist
with your financial questions and solutions.
After working for Consumer Credit Counseling Service and The Associates (owned by Ford Credit) for over half a decade, I decided to leave the nest and venture out on my own in order to help the public with their financial issues. But not only do I provide help, I provide help that is affordable. I have been on both sides of the credit line. From my success and failures, I have gained knowledge and an education about finances that I am excited to share with you. Within this brochure, you should find answers to your preliminary questions. I look forward to talking with you soon. Once again, thank you for trusting Financial Solutions to help YOU!

Our Mission

Financial Solutions is a concept to enrich, encourage, empower and educate clients to take control of their money vs. their money taking control of them through knowledge of their credit report, spending habits, and the road to debt recovery. Real help. Real solutions.

Call Vickie Nelson, Certified Credit Consultant

Phone: 903-277-7852
or email at

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Contact Info

Vickie Nelson, Certified Credit Consultant
903-277-7852 |